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Okay, I’ve finally done it. I’ve watched ‘Wonder Woman’. So…

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m not a fan of comics’ adaptations at all. The only reason to watch them is one-time entertainment and forgetting about it the next day. No… probably the main reason for me actually is “hot British white males” as protagonists and antagonists.

There were no any hot enough for me males in Wonder Woman, so I wasn’t going to watch it. But the time was passing and not only “normal people” but also filmmakers kept bugging here and there about this film. “That is the film so many of us needed for so long!“, “strong female character“, blah-blah-blah etc… I was really wondering why they say this about some comic book adaptation.

I’ve watched it. Not that I suddenly loved the genre and changed my opinion on Marvel/DC kinda films. But I was really impressed by the main character Diana. I know it is so hard to create many-dimensional female characters when for so many years women were mostly an addition to men in films. But Allan Heinberg did it extraordinary!

Strong and weak, serious and funny, stubborn and sexy (no matter what she wears), naive and confident Diana is the amazing example of a female protagonist. She is not thinking about her appearance or relationship with men in the first place, but thinking about those who need her. She is making right choices immediately without concerns. And what I also liked, that at the same time she is not a brutal feminist’ considering herself better than men and counterposing herself to them. She is fine being in the men’s world and she is absolutely independent. She never states her superiority over men around even if the audience see it from time to time )

Overall movie was fine and easy to watch. A bit too predictable and childish for me, but I am just a boring adult, who wants to watch social dramas by Ken Loach 😉

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