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Professional screenwriting event is needed? The biggest one? No problem!

The moment came when I decided to share the information, which I cannot be silent about. Every year in autumn in London the world’s biggest professional screenwriting event happens. This September for the 8th time screenwriters from all over the world along with other filmmakers will spend 3 days together listening, meeting, learning, networking, pitching, working in labs, getting awards. I will be there and hope that you will as well. Two years ago, I didn’t yet know about this event and I would be happy if anybody gave me the same tips I am going to give you, my reader, now.

Here are 10 reasons to attend London Screenwriters’ Festival:

  1. You will get inspiration and brand new ideas for the whole year of writing. You will return belief in yourself if you lost it. You will overcome your writing block if you have it. You will double or even triple your belief and ideas if you have no problems with them. If you will not… you just haven’t been there!
  2. It is never too late to learn. Screenwriting is developing every single day and you will be out of date soon if you don’t attend industry events and don’t listen to the best teachers in the screenwriting world who spend their life in analyzing tendencies and developing screen craft. These people are ready to share their knowledge with you at LSF.
  3. Networking is the foundation of your career. LSF is the best place to find new connections because thousands of filmmakers (from Hollywood too, yes!) are coming there. Don’t know how to network properly? There is a workshop for this, as well as a great fun event Speed Networking. If I could do networking – you will for sure.
  4. Improving your written screenplay. You can work on your current script and make it ways much better while meeting the experts, getting legal advice, attending mentoring lab or doing script surgery.
  5. Meeting your personal gods and goddesses. Last year I met Linda Aronson (The author of “The 21st Century Screenplay”) and the screenwriter of “Fight club” (which is in my TOP 5 films) Jim Uhls.
  6. You can meet real producers who are really looking for scripts to produce.  For real. You can meet them at different sessions, in the corridors, during Elevator Pitch or The Pitch Factor and finally at Great British Pitchfest. If you are prepared enough you can have your script requested or start a long time relationship for your next scripts.
  7. Private Video Library Access. With getting a ticket you will also get an access to all videos from all years of all festivals, which is the biggest video library of screenwriting master classes I can imagine of.
  8. Performance of your screenplay. You can see and hear your screenplay becoming alive with real actors and director working on it in front of you. I had this experience last year and I am happy to be selected for Actors Table Read this year again. This event was not only breathtaking and fun experience but also very useful in redrafting my scene and working on characters and dialogues.
  9. You can go out to the real world. Do not feel yourself alone in your room with your computer anymore, but meet other screenwriters who also go out of their shells. You will see that they have the same problems as you from time to time. You can join them on social media after the festival, learn from their mistakes, have their advice and cheer up each other. We are in competition, that is true, but at the same time we, screenwriters, are the ones who can understand each other better than anybody.
  10. You can feel yourself F***ing Awesome with Chris Jones who is full of energy and will share it with you, hug you, ignite you, make you cry and laugh, even if he sees you for the first time.

Are you still not sure if you want to attend this event? Ah… the price. Yeah, it is pretty high. But this money totally worth it. Do you know the price for Higher Education in Film schools in the UK? Do you think that in these film schools you will have so many worldwide experts at the same time?

I have two tips for you if you cannot afford attending the Festival:

  1. You can crowdfund your ticket as Fiona Leitch did it last year.
  2. You can buy at Early Bird ticket straight after this year festival for the next year event. It will cost you about £28 a month for 10 months. I have done this for 2 years and have got the great opportunity to save money and get desirable tickets.

If you are going to attend the Festival this year – let’s meet and grab a coffee!

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