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Если вы хотите узнать больше про Международный Благотворительный Флэшмоб, который проходит по всему миру каждый год в апреле в честь дня рождения шотландского актера Роберта Карлайла – пожалуйста, посмотрите небольшой фильм “Легенда Роберта Карлайла” и примите участие в событии 2018 года.

Hi! My name is Enni, I am from Russia. On April 14th, 2013, with the help of several dozens Robert Carlyle fans from three countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), I made a birthday video, which didn’t leave Robert Carlyle indifferent. He wrote in Twitter messages lots of nice words to me and my friends.

That was the reason why I have decided to do a new birthday video for Robert’s birthday in April 2014. People from many countries of the world have participated in the new project and now – it is already a tradition and it happens every year.

In 2016 I was lucky to meet Robert myself on the set of Trainspotting-2. He was very grateful to all of us, who is making him such a gift every year. His words inspired me and I hope you will be inspired as well and will take part in this project.

Here you can see our previous 5 videos and if you were not part of them – you can do that this year!







The idea for our Wee Box Flashmob came from two facts:

1. Robert’s words on twitter on the 4th of November 2012:

2. In winter 2012 Robert had stopped drinking coffee for 40 days, and a year before he had stopped eating chocolate during the same period of time. Robert loves coffee and chocolate very much so you can imagine that it was not easy for him to do that. It was some kind of fast, he put the money saved on coffee and chocolate in-to a wee box (it was written on it “WEE BOX”). He donated that money to Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) to help people in developing countries. READ MORE


Robert Carlyle is the ambassador of two organizations, which we are going to help, while doing the Gift to him.

Robert has helped «With Kids Glasgow» since April 2011 (READ MORE). He is sure that the action of this organization is very important. Remembering his own hard childhood, Robert regrets that «there was no organization like With Kids, there was nothing that was there to support or to help or to give you opportunity in any way». He wants to help, to support and to give the opportunity for children, who live like he used to live many years ago.

For several years Robert has been the patron of the «School for Life Romania» (WEBSITE).  He said: “School for Life Romania has changed these people’s lives by providing education and activities for young adults who would not otherwise have received it. They have employed Romanian special needs teachers who work alongside these young adults and support their journey towards independence.”



If you wish to congratulate Robert and help children of one or two organizations, you should:

  1. Download the model of WEE ROBERT BOX – >>>HERE<<<
  2. Construct the box according to photo-instructions. We have it on several languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
  3. Choose what “thing” you can give up for 7-14 days (coffee, chocolate, taxi, night clubs, etc.);
  4. Give up your favorite “thing”, and every day put the saved money into the BOX;
  5. Shoot a video of you putting the money inside the BOX. If you don’t want to show your face – it can be just a hand with the box. You can do it on your mobile, but please make it horizontal.
  6. Send your video to red-lady@yandex.ru till the 9th of April 2018, write your name, place of living (country, city), and what “thing” you gave up. Please write in topic: “RC CHARITY GIFT
  7. Transmit the saved money to one of Robert’s funds or to both of them through the links below, and don’t forget to write your greetings to Robert (we will send him the link to those pages!).


  1. Register on the website https://www.justgiving.com
  2. Upload your photo with the WEE BOX (or just a photo of a box if you don’t want to show your face)
  3. Make a donation on one of the pages or on both of them
    >>> School For Life Romania <<< >>> With Kids <<<
  4. Write a comment to your donation – your greetings and wishes to Robert.


If you cannot afford donating, but still want to be a part of the video, we will ask you to record a SPECIAL video and send it to as by April the 9th (to: red-lady@yandex.ru).

First of all we want you to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT! to the camera. In addition you can decorate the place where you are – be creative and show how Robert impacts your life. And also you can create a birthday atmosphere – cakes, drinks, whatever. Just show that you celebrate this day.

Second thing we want you to do is to say to camera I WISH YOU… Attention! Please use just ONE or TWO words to describe what you wish to Robert. Please, not more, or it will be hard to squeeze it in the video.

We remind you that the video should be horizontally oriented.

And the main thing – inspire other Robert’s friends to take part in this world-wide event. Our goal is to have a minimum of 57 people wishing Robert Happy birthday on this year’s video – as he will be 57 years.