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A young ballerina faces problems both in her personal and professional life. When she loses herself in depression and plunges into imaginary worlds, real life forces her to find a way out.

This is a low-budget independant short film, Russia/UK/Canada co-production. Creators of the film – emerging filmmakers from several countries, graduates and students of big film schools in Russia, Germany, UK, Canada. They invested their time and talent in creating something to be proud of. As the main positions in this project are held by female filmmakers, we see the help we get as supporting women in film industry, which is very important in ourdays.

We are inspired by the tone, atmosphere and topics of such films as “Melancholia” (by Lars von Trier), “Black Swan” (by Darren Aronofsky), “Pina” (by Wim Wenders). We aim to create a high quality, experimental at some visual aspects and emotional poetic dance drama. We are sure, that every creative person at some point of his/her life can come to the same state as our main character. And we hope that our film will inspire the audience never stop searching themselves.





Darya is ballerina, choreographer, film and theatre actress. She is a graduate of the Russian Ballet Academy named after Vaganova. Daria is a plastic director of a series of successful dramatic performances, she dances both classic and contemporary ballet, she starred in short films and TV-series . In her creative work she sensitively follows the director’s plan for the created image, but is not afraid to experiment.

Darya’s website


Grigory is a graduate of the Russian Ballet Academy named after Vaganova and professional ballet dancer in the troupe of the Mariinsky Theatre.


Irina is a graduate of the Russian Ballet Academy named after Vaganova, model, choreographer and professional ballerina in the troupe of the Mariinsky Theatre, toured in Germany, Japan, China, the United States, France, the United Arab Emirates, England.

Irina’s website


Adelaide is the youngest actress in the film. Since 6 years she has been engaged in choreography, gymnastics, acrobatics, aerial acrobatics in the circus studio. She passed an internship in the preparatory department of the Ballet Academy named after Eifman. Participant of Russian and International competitions, and annual master-classes with artists from Cirque Du Soleil.


Valentina is an actress and model from Saint-Petersburg and we are proud to have her on board. Beautiful, intelligent, talented – she will create one of the central characters of the film. She has a great experience acting in theatre and in 14 short, feature and TV films.


For more than 15 years Enni was writing scripts for independent theatrical performances, television, and held different positions in film-making (screenwriter, 1st AD, script supervisor, production designer) in Russia. She also was teaching scriptwriting to undergraduates at Russian University. In 2016-17 Enni has graduated from Screen Academy Scotland (MA Screenwriting), wrote 2 short films (“Tomorrow” and “Liquid Soul“), produced “Tomorrow” and organised 100% successful indiegogo campaign. In 2018-19 she produced short films “Make a Wish” and “Sing, Mummy!” and started a PhD in Film course in the UK. Short film “Without” is her directorial debut.

Ofa Feldman has many years of experience in photography and video art. Her education includes the Union of Photojournalists, the School of Contemporary Photography, as well as the course of Film Directing and Cinematography at the Smolny University of the Russian Academy of Education and the course Director of Experimental Cinema at the Higher School of Contemporary Arts in Germany. Her work includes collaboration and photographing at theatrical venues in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Germany, co-authorship of numerous art performances and working in production design team on the set of several feature films and TV-series. The main direction of her activity is research on modern experimental photography and visual art.

In 2016, Kamil was nominated for a Golden trailer Award. He has been the editor on four shorts produced by his Alma Mater; Screen Academy Scotland and one by London Film School. His other works include trailers for the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and Kinoteka Polish Film Festival. He’s currently editing his first feature, a wildlife documentary called Mata Atlântica.

Yoann Mylonakis is a musician, pianist and composer from France. He has graduated from the Paris Conservatoire and got a Masters Degree at the University of Edinburgh. Yoann has experience of writing for ballet and television and as well as soundtracks for short films. Films he worked on (Lemuria and Transit Zone Documentary) have been selected, nominated and awarded in many international competitions, winning the Best Documentary Shorts Sound Editing award for Transit Zone Documentary at the SIMA (Social Media Impact Award, US) and getting a nomination in the Composer category for Lemuria at the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards.