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Short film


When the life of the humanity is under horrible theat, parents make a desperate decision to save their beloved daughter.

“Make A Wish” is a short sci-fi drama focusing on the complexity of freedom of choice and its consequences. This film is being made as a part of a bigger project “Impact50“. In case the film wins the competitiont – it will become a part of a feature film about the last hours before the end of the world. The international team making this project believes in it, and feels it will be an intensive and heartbreaking film.


Film is made by graduates of London Film School, Screen Academy Scotland and professional filmmakers from the UK, Russia, Poland, Spain and Kazakhstan. We will film it in London 11th of November 2017 and plan to finish post-production in January 2018. Here are some of the members of our creative team:

ELENA SIRINAactress/producer
Elena is British-Russian actress and producer experienced in theatre, films, presenting, voice overs and music videos. Known for short films – ‘Recruited’, ‘Watch’, ‘Want’, ‘Blueprint’, ‘Covers’, ‘Offerings’, ‘Third Day’ and feature film ‘Return of the Don’ and also for theatre plays ‘Salome’ (Oscar Wild) and ‘Tsarina’ (Balagova). She is also involved in development of a feature film and producing documentary film about Sound Healing.
An experienced screen actor, Ben has appeared in numerous feature films including the lead in ‘Eden Lodge’ which was released with Signature Entertainment and premiered on The Horror Channel for Sky and Virgin. He has also appeared in many short films, is equally at home in both comedy and drama and returns to the stage as often as possible.
The smallest member of our team, Malvina will create little Ava. It is not her first time of acting in film.
Alisa was born in Kazakhstan and later moved to Moscow with her family. She graduated from Moscow State University, faculty of journalism. After graduation she has worked in a film festivals distribution company, which inspired her to start making her own films. Alisa has done a short film in Moscow, which helped her to get enrolled into London Film School. Within her 2 year MA course she has directed four short films and produced five (‘Tithonos’s Error’, ‘Karavai karavai’, ‘Sophie and Julia’, ‘Raw Carmine’, ‘Skies of Arcadia’, ‘Positive’, ‘Farewell’, ‘Remembered Visions’, ‘Magdalene Reading’, ‘Nude Model’, ‘The Article’).
KAMIL DOBROSIELSKIdirector of photography
In 2016, Kamil was nominated for a Golden trailer Award. He has been the editor on four shorts produced by his Alma Mater Screen Academy Scotland and one by London Film School (‘Bunny’s Craving’, ‘Saliva’, ‘Flowers’, ‘Stay’, ‘At Dawn the Flowers Open the Gates of Paradise’). He also works for the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and Kinoteka Polish Film Festival. Kamil is currently editing his first feature, a wildlife documentary called ‘Mata Atlântica’.
DARR AITAproducer
Producer/writer of ‘Flags Over Berlin’ feature film (2018), producer of family drama short film ‘Ultio’ (2017, Cannes Festival Court Metrage), and producer/writer of short Sci Fi film ‘The Glitch’ (2017). Dauren comes from Tech startups and Venture Capital background. He represents the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom. He is an ex-diplomat with a degree in international law. He also writes and reads poetry when he can.
ENNI REDwriter/producer
For more than 15 years Enni was writing scripts for independent theatrical performances, television, and held different positions in film-making (screenwriter, 1st AD, script supervisor, production designer) in Russia. She also was teaching scriptwriting to undergraduates at Russian University. In 2016 Enni has graduated from Screen Academy Scotland (MA Screenwriting), wrote 2 short films (“Tomorrow” and “Liquid Soul”) which are in festival circuit now. She has also written, directed and produced short film “Without” which is in post-pruduction now. Enni also is currently producing a short film “Sing Mummy!” In Russia.