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WITHOUT (Russia/UK/Canada, 2018)

Drama / Dance / Experimental / 13 min
Credits – Producer / Writer / Director / Production design

A young ballerina faces problems both in her personal and professional life. When she loses herself in depression and plunges into imaginary worlds, real life forces her to find a way out.



Drama / 5 min / Directed by Gabriel Bagnaschi
Credit – Producer/Writer
Premiere – 28 July 2017 (Inverness, Scotland). Currently at Festival Circuit.

One moment turns a man’s life upside down. With a terrible secret guilt, he has just one day to accept the inevitable.


Horror / 10 min / Directed by Charlotte Vackova
Credit – Screenwriter
Premiere – 27 October 2016 (Film House, Edinburgh). Currently in Festival Circuit.

From a desolate place, Violet is faced with her past. Time has ravaged her spirit and she finds it increasingly difficult to accept what has happened with her only daughter.

ESCAPE (Russia, 2011)

Period Drama / Biography / 17 min
Directed by Pavel Moshkalov
Credits – Screenwriter

A short period drama about the last days of the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy and his running away from his house and family.

100 THOUSAND (Russia, 2009)

Action / Comedy / 97 min / Directed by Michael Dubilet
Credits – Assistant Director / Casting Director / Actress
Production Company – Wise Arts Studio

Four best friends have a month to invent unusual ways of getting money to repay a debt of 100.000 dollars to a local gangster.

ON THE EDGE (Russia, 2007)

Drama / 22 min / Directed by Michael Dubilet
Credit – Production Designer
Production Company – Wise Arts Studio

A lonely man is in love with a woman visible only to him. He closes himself at the abandoned factory to cherish his illusions.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS (Russia, 2007-2008)

TV-series / 26 min
Credit – Screenwriter (Season 2, 36 episodes)
Broadcasting Company – Petersburg – Channel 5

Four main characters with different interests, plans and problems study at the same school. They are not children anymore, but not adults yet. Before starting a grown up life each of them needs to make important decisions.

FOUR NAMES (Russia, 2005)

Drama / 95 min / Directed by Michael Dubilet
Credits – Screenwriter / Casting Director / Assistant Director / Production Designer
Production Company – Wise Arts Studio

He is an upcoming Russian diplomat - a handsome, forceful man who never loses control. She is a lovely shy girl, a perfect couple for a statesman. Shortly before their wedding, a school friend of the bride comes to their house with an enigmatic woman to mix the feelings.

LOVE IS LIKE A DREAM (Russia, 2003)

Musical / Theatre / 120 min
Credits – Writer / Director / Production designer

Eight friends are graduating from high school. Looking back to their school knowledge in history and literature, they try to understand if there is Love in the real world. Meanwhile two of them have no courage to face their feelings to each other.

GAMAYUN (Russia, 2002)

Poetical theatrical performance / 120 min
Credits – Co-writer / Co-director / Actress

Historical drama, biography of Russian poet Alexander Blok set in Saint-Petersburg in the time of Russian Revolution. Poet’s biography is symbolically intertwined with his literary works.