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Drama / Psychological Thriller (90 min)
A modern adaptation of “Crime and Punishment” by Fedor Dostoyevsky.
The script was chosen for Actors Table Read and Script Surgery at London Screenwriters Festival 2016.

Tormented by poverty and solitude Russian student in London commits a murder to free the girl he secretly loves from her life as a sex worker.


Period Drama (15 min)
Loosely based on a short story “Strasti-Mordasti” by Maxim Gorky.
Inspired by photos of Glasgow slums by Nick Hedges.
The script was chosen for Actors Table Read at Scottish Screenwriters Group.

1971 year. On his trip from London to Glasgow a young photographer meets a prostitute and her disabled son living in slums. Young man resolves to “save” the pair, but he soon discovers there will be no happy ending for them all.


Drama / Mystery / Romance (25 min)
Currently in search of a co-producer in Scotland or Italy. There are two versions of the script: set in Russia/Scotland and set in Russia/Italy.
This screenplay was written as a part of the course of MA Screenwriting in Screen Academy Scotland.

Lives of an upper-class Russian woman and a working class Scottish (*option - Italian) man are being changed after they see the same mystical dream and set out to find each other.